The Window Seat on a Rainy Day: The Next Black Dagger Brotherhood book!!! (J.R. Ward)

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Next Black Dagger Brotherhood book!!! (J.R. Ward)

The next Black Dagger Brotherhood book has been announced and the couple is.......................

Blay and Qhuinn
Lover At Last

Mixed feelings.  I am VERY glad that Their Time Has Come (awesome tag line for them!), but I am a little disappointed because I had hoped they would get a novella that would be published this year.  To wait a whole year is going to be EXCRUCIATING!!!!!!!

Although I was not at JR Ward's signing, a fellow Cellie, Brennyn Pieper was and she took FANTASTIC notes. So here are all the Q&A's from the event. Thanks Brennyn and great work!

Love Reborn Signing- March 31st 2012- Cincinnati, Ohio
This will contain spoilers so please wait until you have finished the book to read
I just have the main ideas of the signing and some comments made by her.

Qhuinn and Blay (YAY!) will be the next book. She will not comment on the title of the book, but does state that it will NOT be “Lover Goes Down”.

Bonding Scent- The bonding scent occurs between two people once and never reoccurs again. Therefore after Tohr bonded with Wellsie he will never be able to have it again with anyone else. Mind you this doesn’t mean that Autumn and Tohr can’t have a “wonderful, loving relationship.” And according to the WARDen “She (Autumn) completes him!”

Wedding Gown Scene- The WARDen said that she really bawled for the gown scene. That was a really hard scene to write.

Graphic Novels- She doesn’t have an interest in doing graphic novels right now, she has enough to do with just writing.

Murhder- will definitely be coming back and we could possibly see him as early as Q&B’s book but she is not making promises.

Sympaths- What kind of role will the sympaths play in the future books. She stated that she saw the sympaths uniting the BOB and BDB. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Another question raised was what would Rehvenge’s role play in this situation. There surely be complication within the BDB dynamic considering he lives in the mansion.

3-way- This will not be a 3 way (her words) between Qhuinn/Blay/Layla. (Thank God!) She said that she would prefer not to have her house bombed. She also stated that a 3 way was not out of the question involving other characters ;) At the end she stated, “Size isn’t the only thing that matters!”

Wrath & the Glymera- Question was: “Will Wrath and the Glymera ever get their sh*t straight?” Her response was not it’s not Wrath that needs to change it’s the glymera. There was a lot of applause. She also states that Elan’s head should be on a platter. However, she never directly answered the question.

Assail- Is he a sympath? She really avoids this answer and uses distraction instead. She states that he fascinates her and she wonders how he left the old country, what kind of family did he have/come from. She likes his taste in cars and just “wants to know what his deal is.” Being a vampire it’s hard to live in the human world without help like doggen. There is only so much you can do over the internet, eventually you have to leave your house. Since it appears he has no help how is he making things work?

Butch & Manny’s Father- Will we ever see him/know who he is? Don’t know at this time if we will see him. She isn’t sure if he is ½ or ¼ breed, but we do know he hasn’t gone through transition. He is making the rounds at hospitals alright!!

The Shadows- They will get their own book/books. Somewhere I read that they would be in the same book; didn’t say either way. We will be “pissy” about Trez’s girl and will be fascinated by iAm’s girl.

Brother Induction- Will JM be inducted? He won’t be inducted soon, there may be an induction in Q&B

Movies- Will these be made into movies? She really wants to concentrate on writing right now. Ideally should she would want a combination of writing and having the books made into movies. One of the hardest things would be trying to cast for them. They would have to be on the Spice Channel, according to her!

Rhage & Mary- their novella is almost complete, however it will not be out before Q&B.

Saxton- Will he get this HEA? WARDen : “WHO?” Has a really grim face and is very somber. She refuses to answer but from the look on her face and the way she is acting, things will not be going well for Saxton.

Lassiter- will absolutely get his own book and HEA. It could happen in the Fallen Angels or the BDB. I hope he stays BDB. Will whatever is looking for Lassiter find him? Yes, she does? (not positive I heard that right)

Extra tidbit- Someone makes a mistake when asking a questions (used the wrong term) and the WARDen says, “Oh it’s not like I don’t make mistakes either. One minute Butch can dematerialize, the next he can’t, then he can…” She pretty funny the way she is waving her arms and dancing around. Cute!

JM/Darius- Will JM ever find out he is Darius? (reoccurring question at the signings) No he will never find out because that was the agreement between the Scribe Virgin and himself, along with giving his speech faculty. At this point knowing that he is Darius would alter relationships. Tohr would no longer be the father figure. Things might get weird with Xhex? Etc.

Scribe Virgin- Where has she been? “She needs to get laid and have some Prozac!” What will it take to get her to come back? An extraordinary event. Who is the most import vampire to her? Wrath; wrath in peril will get her to come back.

Insider Guide- there will be another one once more books have been written

Eddie- We will see him again. She wants him to have an HEA. But in order for him to come back there will also need to be an extraordinary event

Another Death/Fade ceremony- She will not comment on any other deaths in upcoming books.

Jose de la Cruz- Will he ever find out about the BDB? “Caldwell is like the f*cking black hole for missing people, people just disappears all over the place. Someone is going to start putting the pieces together.” She wants him to see Butch again.

Training Center- We will see it again soon. The community needs to recover from the summer raids. They need something to believe in before they will be willing to see their kids to war.

Fade Ceremony- What exactly happens with the branding? The brand is used on each symbol of the name of the individual whom it was carved into in order to “eradicate” and seal the name.

Mating- a mating can still take place without the bonding scent (i.e. Tohr & Autumn)

Butch the Dhestroyer- We haven’t seen him absorbing the lessers as much in Tohr’s book because it does take a lot out of him and “there is a price to be paid.” In the heat of the moment it is easier and safer at times for the brothers to just poof them instead.

Qhuinn’s Brother- we will see him in Q&B’s book. Will he be vampire or lesser? We don’t know. That’s a big keep reading

Lassiter’s Porn- When Lassiter made Tohr watch the porn, WARDen imagined that he walked up to the screen and stood in front of the image so that there were “Huge flapping boobs, bouncing up and down on his chest.” She giggled pretty hard about this

Nalla Hand Print- She said she totally cried for this, and she doesn’t even like kids and she cried. She is hoping that there will be a Zsadist subplot to Q&B!!!! She isn’t certain though.

Coffins- Her theory is that they are the original brothers from the old country. “Who else would they be? Why would they take the time to bring them all the way from the old country if they weren’t something important.”

Aggie (Aghony)- Wait for it! We need Nalla to be 5 and she isn’t there yet. “But he is precious and I hate kids!”

Q&B Book Dreading Writing It- She is dreading writing this book because reader expectation is so high she is terrified to disappoint. *She says that the book starts off with heartache “a tearjerker, not on the first page but fairly close to the beginning”. She calls it “a profound scene that gives her tingles”.

Story of Son- Can’t answer whether or not those characters will ever be in the BDB books but she did say “Keep Reading”!

New Characters- Will see how the BOB plays out before adding more characters, “Wants to keep the aperture of the stories narrow.”

JM’s Seizures- His seizures occur due to the “patch job” the Scribe Virgin had to do on Darius. That mixed with his intense emotions for Beth and others caused the seizures. These get better with increased exposure.

Rhage/Zypher- Could they be related? She doesn’t know. She likes that Rhage is mad because he’s not the only one who “f*cks females well”.

Payne’s Healing Ability- Will she be brought in to help more? This is similar to what she said about Butch, it takes a lot out of her and it can’t be done all the time. She worries they if she uses it too much it may go away. Can she help Wrath’s eyes? No those cells are dead and not coming back. She also would not be able to take away Z’s scars; that is just the way it is. However “the cool thing is George can live forever!” She says, “Who wouldn’t want their dogs to live forever, I want that!”

Boo- He doesn’t worry about living forever. Because he is something else? What, I didn’t know that!

Jane/V Mating Ceremony- He does have her name on his back and there was a ceremony. But since a year has passed she doesn’t think that will be shown because there would be too much to catch up on from everyone else.

Wrath’s Favor- Wrath owes a favor to the SV from Dark Lover, which will be revealed eventually

Layla/Qhuinn/Xcor- How will this go over? She confirms Layla’s pregnancy and I’m assuming a healthy child is born. She says that it won’t go over well at all. Xcor never had a family, his relationship with the Bloodletter failed d/t his lying about being his father. He has had it rough and there will need to be some serious bonding between Layla and Xcor to help with his issues. “Remember, Layla wants to bang the dude that wants to kill the king! Not exactly what eHarmony is looking for in their compatibility profile.” Qhuinn rightfully worried for her wellbeing, he has a stake in all this and needs to make sure she is provided for and cared for. This will cause complications.

Her Favorite Scenes
1. Lassiter behind the bar naked saying, “Orgasm”.
2. Lassiter’s Maury scene with the paternity test. (“Only he would give up heaven for Maury”)
3. Autumn sitting in the chair by the window at Xhex’s and she is looking at the snow on the ground “you know that snow in the winter at night almost looks blue”. Then she seems Tohr’s shadow.

Tohr’s Young- Tohr won’t know his young until he enters the Fade.

Tohr/Autumn Young- Will they have young? Unknown but unlikely. “He can’t go there again.” Autumn has Xhex so she is set.

Lash- Huge Smiles!! He’ll be back but it’s unknown when.

Vishous’ Grudge- She will not comment on the reason behind his grudge and what she lied about. She regrets ever writing that and will never write about something she is not intending to answer questions about later.

Throe’s Sister- She never received a fade ceremony. The common misconception among vampires that you have to have a fade ceremony to get into the fade or you can’t commit suicide in order to get into the fade is “bullshit”. The fade ceremony is about letting go not the actually ceremony. Tohr had to become strong enough to do the fade ceremony and move on in order for her to go into the Fade.

Marissa- She will be seen Rhage and Mary’s novella. She feels she has the most in common with Marissa. She loves Butch and is one of her favorites!

Xcor & Throe- “Shit’s not going to go well”. That’s all she has to say about that.
Battle-Ready Females- She is hoping that there can be a class of females and males in the training center at some point.

Qhuinn’s Visions- Will Qhuinn have more? “Oh Qhuinn will be having some visions alright!!” Sounds like a no.
Name Carvings- Male vampires (sound s like all) get the carvings. Since the SV has been MIA the mating ceremonies don’t have the same “consecration” as they used to. Rehvenge has Ehlena on his back (YAY!)

Tohr/Autumn- Did he love her before Wellsie? No, neither one of them were in a very good place to “form an attachment”. He was very committed to her health and well-being but there was nothing romantic. If she had not committed suicide they would have gotten together

Q&B Name Carvings- Will they both get carved? Just one? BIG no comment! Keep Reading!

Virgin Scribe Sanction Q&B Mating- Wrath needs to have all the old laws rewritten. WARDen wants Q&B to stand up and say they love each other. Saxton IS in love with Blay. She mentioned that she thinks it sucks that he will be rewriting the laws that will okay a mating between Q&B.

Xhex/Murhder- How did they meet? She never answers and just says that “He has a secret” with Devilish grin!

Wrath’s Eyesight- His poor eyesight is due to inbreeding. His eyes will never get better. There is a heartbreaking scene in the novella where he asks, “What color are the baby’s eyes?” *cry*

Manny- He will never go through the change. Too risky, Payne is in agreement.

Youtube Video Lassiter- Vishous is watching a youtube video of Lassiter where he is doing a “flash mob dance to Rhianna’s Umbrella”. LOL!

Bloodletter’s Camp- Who were the original brothers who went to the Blood letter’s camp? V, Tohrment, Darius... and who is the last? Murhder? No response.

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