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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Miranda Neville - The Importance of Being Wicked

I usually read books from an earlier time, about braw lads in kilts, but I tucked right in to enjoy some handsome men in pantaloons. This book is about a bohemian lifestyle before it really was “the thing” I think, an artist’s lifestyle and the group of “hangers on” that goes with it. It probably happened, but was named something else? I just associate it to the 60’s and 70’s of our generation, but this book takes place in 1800 England.

We first meet Caroline known to all as Caro, at the end of another of her endless dinner parties. Her husband, Robert, a lover of art, gambling and most other forms of debauchery, has been dead a year and has left her not only penniless, but so far in debt that she has sold everything, well, almost everything of value and it did not even scratch the surface of what she owed. Thankfully, gambling debts were null and void upon death, otherwise, she wouldn’t know what would become of her. Her immediate family had disowned 7 years earlier upon her hasty trip to Gretna Green to marry her childhood sweetheart. They had 7 adventurous years together. Now her favorite cousin, Anne, was to be courted by a Duke and needed to be chaperoned. So without a second thought, Caro opened her doors and invited Anne to London. She would also use this opportunity to make sure that the Duke was good enough for her cousin. She wasn’t counting on being attracted to the man herself. She hadn’t expected it, in fact she hadn’t felt anything for a man in years, not even her husband in the late years of their marriage. But when Lord Stuffy, er, The Duke of Castleton walked into the room, all of that changed.

When Thomas, the Duke of Castleton first clapped his eyes on his intended, he couldn’t believe his luck. All of the Dukes in his family married for money, that was just how it was done, and it was Thomas’s duty to carry on the tradition. His father had not done well, marrying more for love rather than wealth and then spending frivolously. The estates were now in a rather precarious position and he had to get things under control quickly. The first step was to secure the betrothal of the very wealthy Anne; the rest would fall into place. However, the fly in the ointment was that the beautiful redheaded rose that stood before him, was not for him as he had hoped. The woman he was to eventually wed was plain as door, with drab hair and to top it off, they shared not one single common interest! Life was going to be Hell, but he had a duty and he would see it through.

There were many little side stories within this book. Some I liked, others kept me gnashing my teeth till the bitter end. There was intrigue, thievery, a bit of debauchery, lies, treachery and betrayal. So you see, I couldn’t include it all in this one little review, but I suggest you give it a go and let me know what YOU think! I will admit however, I did love Thomas, though I didn’t care for the teasing he received that was a constant throughout the book (I don’t like bullying). I found myself constantly annoyed at Caro, wanting to tell here to snap out of it on numerous occasions. I’m one that likes a very strong female protagonist, not caring for a wishy-washy personality no matter what the cause. But hey, that’s just me; you must read this and form your own opinion. I liked a couple of the side characters after a fashion. Again, they bothered me for a while, but they redeemed themselves.

Will I put this author on my auto buy? I have to preface this by reminding you that this isn’t my favored genre, but if she wrote about one of the characters appearing in this book, then yes, I think I would like to read it. I’d be happier if she put kilts on them though… but that’s just me 

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Book: Importance of Being Wicked
Author: Miranda Neville

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  1. Hi, Terree! I would take this baby in a heartbeat! This really sounds like a fabulous novel and I'm putting it on my Wish List. Thanks for sharing your great review. I wonder if you could entice him to put on a kilt? *grinning like the evil old lady that I am* ;-)