The Window Seat on a Rainy Day: Terry Spear - A Highland Werewolf Wedding

Monday, April 22, 2013

Terry Spear - A Highland Werewolf Wedding

They say that every seven years or so, a person’s tastes change. I thought when I heard this, that it meant my taste for food! It seems though, that this evolution has spilled over into my literary choices too! A few years ago if you had said that I would be anxiously awaiting a book about a Highlander Werewolf, I would have answered “Highlander, yes, Werewolf, no.” I am not afraid to try new things…when you try new things, sometimes you are rewarded!

This installment of the Werewolf Series begins in 1785. Elaine Hawthorn, a grey wolf shifter, leaves her home in St Augustine, FL with her 2 uncles (who just happen to be pirates) after the double funeral of her parents. She goes with them to avoid the forced marriage to Kelly Rafferty, also a pirate and wolf shifter. She makes a bargain with her uncles; take her with them to see the world, and if she doesn’t find the wolf mate of her dreams, she will return home and marry the arrogant, conceited Rafferty. She was sure he had a hand in the death of her parents, but she couldn’t prove it. They agreed to the deal, but as soon as they docked at St. Andrews, Scotland, her uncles were arrested and hanged for piracy and she barely escaped, only to be accosted by ruffians! She was rescued by a handsome Scottish wolf named Cearnach MacNeill, and when a fight broke out, she escaped from him as well.

Present day Scotland found a slightly grumpy Cearnach on his way to the wedding of his friend Calla, hoping she would change her mind and not marry the pirate she claimed to love. No one believed that he and Calla were only friends, but that’s all they were. He was late and going a little too fast when he came upon a car that was in his lane. He was run off the road and his car was out of commission! The driver turned out to be a she-wolf named Elaine. She looked familiar, but he couldn’t place her, and she was not pleased that he forced her to let him drive her to the wedding he was already late for; he said she caused the accident, it was the least she could do! When they got there, things turn from bad to worse! The entire place was full of pirates! Cearnach kept trying to protect Elaine but she was having none of it! He finally got her to safety (after finding out they had lost autos and clothing, had to shift, and risked life and limb). After all of this, it seemed she was only interested in finding a treasure that her uncles had left.

As the story unfolds, this she-wolf who had lived on her own for so many years had no intention of letting any other Alpha wolf take control of her life like … well, she wasn’t going there! She could take care of herself! But there was something about Cearnach that Elaine just couldn’t resist. Then, when her own family turned on her, she found the true meaning of being a part a pack. She wanted so badly to stay and belong…that is, until her past came back to haunt her.

The side characters of the Kilpatrick brothers, Baird and Vardon McKinley, along with all of the brothers of Cearnach; Ian the Laird of the clan and pack, Duncan and Guthrie, were all very well written. I enjoyed revisiting the MacNeill’s from previous books and I enjoyed seeing some of the “bad guys” get put in their place. As to whether I will put Ms. Spear’s series on auto buy, the answer is yes! I love the fact that I can pick up any book in this series without having to read them in order! I think I may want a Jaguar next or maybe a Wolf in SEAL’s clothing, or maybe… *sigh*

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xxoo Terree

Book: A Highland Werewolf Wedding
Author: Terry Spear
Others in the Highland Wolves series: Heart of the Wolf, Destiny of the Wolf, To Tempt the Wolf, Legend of the White Wolf, Seduced by the Wolf, Wolf Fever, Heart of the Highland Wolf, Dreaming of the Wolf, A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing, A Howl for a Highlander, A SEAL Wolf Christmas


  1. I haven't read any werewolf stories and this sounds like a good place to start. Great review, Terree!

  2. ~Thank you Leah, I really enjoy these! I'm looking forward to the last brother! xxoo Terree