The Window Seat on a Rainy Day: Heroine Showdown - Quarter Finals/Group 3

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Heroine Showdown - Quarter Finals/Group 3

In this third round of the Quarter Finals, we have a Down Under Showdown with two of my favorite authors from south of the equator!  Sienna from the Psy Changeling series by Nalini Singh and Imhara from the Light Blade series by Kylie Griffin.  Remember, though we have called the contest, we are leaving the voting widgets open for fun.  So from this point on, NO voting in Rounds one or two count.   Just a quick recap of the rules we laid down this time around.  For more information on the reasons, check out our Heroine Showdown Homepage for more information and for what is still to come! No characters who do not have their own book, no two characters from any one series, and no heroine was eligible if her hero competed in the Hero Showdown.

Sienna Lauren (KISS OF SNOW/Nalini Singh) I am sorry... this one MIGHT just be the one I want to win... I simply ADORE Sienna.... It takes a strong woman to mate with the alpha of a wolf pack.  In fact, it should take a strong, experienced, powerful woman with nerves of steel and she should be the badass of all badasses.  But Sienna Lauren is nothing but a teenager when she captures the heart of Hawke Snow.  So how could they possible be a match? Other than the fact that Sienna is a "badass in training", fortunately, Sienna is able to prove the experiences she has had in her short - and sometimes tragic - life made her mature beyond her years, one of the most powerful Psy in existence, a dangerous weapon, and a clever and cunning playmate for the SnowDancer alpha.  And on top of all that, she does it while still maintaining a charming innocence, a dollop of femininity, and brilliance as a cherry on top.  Loyal to those she loves, willing to protect the SnowDancer pack from the threat of the Psy, Sienna Lauren is a heroine who loves and lives with a passion that, as a Psy, she shouldn't even be able to imagine. 

In Sienna's own words: Stubborn? Check. Alpha? Check. Infuriatingly protective? Check. The man I adore with every breath in my body? No question.  What about you? What do you think of protective, possessive alpha males who like to get their own way?

Imhara (ALLEGIANCE SWORN/Kylie Griffin)  As the leader of her demon clan, Imhara could and should be an enemy to the humans.  But Imhara has kept her clan isolated enough that they are still supporters of the "old ways".   She is a strong leader and she has the following and loyalty of her people - though it requires considerable effort on their part to help to hide her and her clan's true nature from the Demon leaders. If that weren't enough to admire her for, her tolerance of humans goes even deeper.  She is willing to put her life on the line in order to protect what she and her clan have built and to form an allegiance with the humans.  She is a strong leader and a powerful demon, but she has a vulnerability inside that tough exterior.  That is what is able to pull in her mate - a human - Arek.  Together, the two make a formidable team.

In Imhara's own words: Thank you for taking the time to visit and vote. Regardless of the outcome, may your life's journey be Lady Blessed.

<a href="" title="Heroine Showdown - Quarter Finals/Group 3">Heroine Showdown - Quarter Finals/Group 3</a>

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  1. Replies
    1. mal schauen ob ich rausbekomme warum da jetzt Yvonne und nicht weltenpforte steht :D

  2. Imhara because I think she's the freakin' leader of a demon clan, I know she would prevail over Sienna.

  3. Sienna. She's shown to be strong and capable of enticing an alpha male ;)

  4. This was a tough one. I really like them both and both are very strong, intelligent women but I had to go with Sienna. She caught the heart of an Alpha and can put him in his place, lol.

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  6. She is amazing because she is young, but a fully developed character that has learned to survive so much mental anguish. It is lovely to see her appreciation for love. Her growth is amazing and her strength and determination are awe worthy.

  7. Imhara, because demons kick a$$

  8. Sienna. Well because any woman who can take on Hawke deserves a standing ovation. And also I have no idea about Imhara.

  9. Woah serious case of deja vu! Have these books already been pitted against each other??? Either way Sienna wins every time, that booby traps scene was pure genius! :)

  10. Imhara :)

    Have Fun