A Window Into My Life

As a young child, I was always amazed that one could look through a pane of glass and yet no insect, air, water nor vapor could pass through.

Windows are like the eyes of a home…they let the light in. What good is a yard full of greenery and beautiful flowers if you can’t see them from inside? At best, it is limited.

And if house’s windows are missed placed or unfrosted when they ought to offer privacy, they can reduce the quality of life of the inhabitants of the house through increased stress and self-consciousness.

I undertook my journey to becoming a glacier at the tender age of 17 under my mentor Joshua, whom I was connected to by my father. From there, I never looked back other than to check my work (which I was constantly reminded of by Joshua).

I am grateful to be able to serve in a simple yet profound way, with the expertise of playing with light and visibility where others don’t have the awareness to do so themselves. Is my contribution to the world, along with this website where I share what I have learned.

Thanks for joining me on the journey!