How I Relax and Read With My Dog

“I’m going to relax and read with my dog!” I told myself as I grabbed the book off of the shelf. As I walked into the living room, my furry friend was waiting for me on his favorite chair. He wagged his tail when he saw me enter the room, eager to spend some time together. “Hey there buddy,” I said as he jumped up onto my lap. My day had been long so it felt good to have a break from everything else that was happening in life that moment – this is how you should relax and read with your dog!

Reading involves snacks , of course

When I’m reading, I make sure I have snacks by my side and some for my dog too! If you want to relax and read with your dog, snacks are a must. I have often found myself thinking about how nice it would be if my pup could eat the same thing as me while we’re relaxing together! Lucky for us both – they can! Most of my favorite books include some type of snack, so why not share them? After all, your pup deserves a treat just as much as you do.

My dog loves it when I read to him!

Reading is a great way for us to bond and relax together. If you have never tried reading out loud or if your dog has shown no interest in books before – don’t worry about it ! Every animal is different so what your dog might not like could be the next pup’s favorite. Give it a try and see what happens! If you’re nervous about reading out loud because you don’t know how to pronounce certain words, try using an e-reader or audiobook so that two of you can enjoy the story together .

Snuggling up with my furry friend

My dog is always by my side when I’m reading. There’s nothing better than cuddling up with a pup while you’re enjoying your favorite book, am I right? As long as the weather is nice , of course! Sitting outside on a warm day and relaxing together can be just what we both need after a stressful day. Fall is my favorite time of year – the leaves changing, the weather cooling down and all of the new books that are being released.

Reading together in a comfy spot

Relaxing with your dog can be done anywhere! We’ve enjoyed reading for hours on end wherever we choose to sit in order to relax . Snuggling up on the couch with a blanket and snacks is one of our favorite spots to read together. If your pup likes being outside, sharing a quiet spot in the yard or even reading under the stars can be an amazing experience that you both will enjoy .

Whenever I get overwhelmed from everything going on , it’s nice to take some time for myself and read. It’s a great way to relax and your pup will love being by your side the entire time!

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