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Friday, May 22, 2015

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, everyone, from The Window Seat on a Rainy Day!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Elizabeth Moss - Wolf Bride

This book was a quick and easy read for me, but I have to admit, it wasn't anything like I expected.

Eloise Tyrell is a young maid in Queen Anne's court.  As a young maid, she believes herself to be in love with her gentle suitor, but on the day she discovers her father has arranged a marriage for her to another, she learns what her suitor is really all about.  His intentions were never serious and he only wanted to use her for her body - whether she was a maid or married.  Disillusioned and feeling betrayed, Eloise no longer trusts her own feelings or the feelings and words of men.  This is her mentality as she meets her betrothed and learns that her wedding is fast approaching.  Things are not improved by the fact that her betrothed, Wolf, heard portions of her conversation with her former suitor and enters into marriage with her believing her to be without honor and in love with another man.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Kate Baxter - The Last True Vampire

Whenever I start a new series, I really don't have very high expectations for the first book in the series.  The amount of world building usually takes over from the romance and the main couple and it is very hard to do both.  This book had that "flaw" for me.

Mikhail is the last of the Ancient Ones.  He is the last vampire and he is barely hanging on to his existence.  He is responsible for the entire memory of his race and for the dhampires.  The dhampires are pre-vampires.  They require Mikhail to change them into full vampires.  However, without any strength, Mikhail can't turn them and, as he is the last of a dying race, that means the dhampires are as damned as he is.  But when out on the town, Mikhail smells and senses HER.  His mate. The one woman who could change things for Mikhail and the dhampires.  As her blood gives Mikhail enough power and sustenance to change the dhampires and revive their kind.  But Mikhail's past makes him reluctant to really attach himself to the one person he must depend on completely.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Are there different standards for different genres?

So.. this past week, I picked a neat looking Tudor Historical Romance to read.  Sounds pretty typical, right?  Well, in reading up on the book I was going to read, I realized it was classified as "erotica".  In fact, it was considered the "Fifty Shades of Grey of the Tudor Court".  Ok, not my typical read, but I had committed to it, so I planned to follow through.

Now, I admit, I never read Fifty Shades, but it wasn't because of the "erotica" label.  I had heard other things and as a result, I never committed to the story or read it.  But from what I heard, yes, it would classify as "erotica", but not because it is "hotter" than other books, but because of the BDSM aspects of the story.  Again, I haven't read it, but that is what I believe to be the case.  So looking at this book I was to read - Wolf Bride - I did expect a similar level of erotica and probably some BDSM.  What I got was something that was not too much more descriptive than a typical paranormal, light allusions to domination and submission, but nothing that would even be more "erotic" on my scale than the Black Dagger Brotherhood story Lover Unbound (the hero of which has light BDSM tendencies and practices).

Monday, May 18, 2015

Cover Wars - Round 1/Group 1

I had planned this spring to do a Hero Showdown.  We have had one before and everyone really came out to vote for their favorites and it was a lot of fun!  We followed it up with a Heroine Showdown and a Couple Showdown, so we were ready this spring for another Hero Showdown. (All three Showdowns can still be voted for - just for fun!  Even though the competition has been called, feel free to get your opinion heard! :))  But just as I was preparing the contestants, the graphics, and all the voting widgets to go with the Showdown, Kensington Publishers ran their own Ultimate Hero Showdown and Heroes and Heartbreakers did a couple showdown called the Swoonies.  So I felt that running another Hero Showdown in the midst of all that would be repetitive - and not as much fun.  So my first thought was to wait and run the Showdown in the summer.  

As I waited to run the competition, something occurred to me.  Yes, we love our heroes, our heroines, and our couples, but what ELSE could we have a competition for?  And so was born..... the Cover Wars!

This time around, we are going to do some battles with our favorite covers.  Though it isn't right to judge a book by its cover, we all know we do it.  Especially when we are looking for a new author to read.  Also, for me at least, the cover reveals are the first step in the process of waiting for any new book by a favorite author.  First the cover, then the blurb, then the book!  Each step gets us another step closer to the release of a long anticipated book, and so cover art is usually very important!

To make the competition a little more interesting, I set some guidelines.  Only one book for a series could be represented.  However, in that one book per series, I opened it up to show not just the US covers, but the UK covers.  Sometimes the UK covers are better than the US ones and I know I have some of the UK covers as the cover for the books on my Kindle.

As you go through, you can choose what criteria you want to use to decide a winner.  I included many things in considering the nominees - looks, eye catching, fitting with the story, etc.  Now choosing the best of the pairing is up to you! :)

Let the games begin!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Upcoming June Releases

Upcoming June Releases
(For links to past monthly releases, see the Archives

Title: Shards of Hope
Author: Nalini Singh
Series: Psy-Changeling
Publisher: Penguin
Release Date: June 2

The “smoldering heat, epic romance, and awesome action” of Nalini Singh’s New York Times bestselling series continues as two Arrows find themselves caught in a chilling conspiracy that spans all three races…

Awakening wounded in a darkened cell, their psychic abilities blocked, Aden and Zaira know they must escape. But when the lethal soldiers break free from their mysterious prison, they find themselves in a harsh, inhospitable landscape far from civilization. Their only hope for survival is to make it to the hidden home of a predatory changeling pack that doesn’t welcome outsiders.

And they must survive. A shadowy enemy has put a target on the back of the Arrow squad, an enemy that cannot be permitted to succeed in its deadly campaign. Aden will cross any line to keep his people safe for this new future, where even an assassin might have hope of a life beyond blood and death and pain. Zaira has no such hope. She knows she’s too damaged to return from the abyss. Her driving goal is to protect Aden, protect the only person who has ever come back for her no matter what.

This time, even Aden’s passionate determination may not be enough—because the emotionless chill of Silence existed for a reason. For the violent, and the insane, and the irreparably broken…like Zaira.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Nalini Singh - Archangel's Shadows

This was such a unique book that I am not sure where to get started here.  A great book, to be sure.  But one that definitely breaks all the rules in a way that only Nalini Singh can do, get away with it, and come out with a great book!

Ashwini is a Guild Hunter with a unique ability.  Truthfully, I am not 100% sure what it is.... She is able to, through touch, know a person's soul and their secrets, but it isn't mind reading.  It is... soul reading?  At times this ability threatens to overwhelm her.  This is usually when in the presence of a powerful and old immortal whose soul has been through a lot.  Any touch, even the smallest one, seems to take something out of her.  One person in a million are immune to her touch.  One of those people is Janvier, the Cajun vampire who has been playing games with her for years.  Janvier makes her chase him and just when he is about to be caught, he makes peace with the angel that sent her after him.  They play a game of chase filled with sexual tension and it has been going on for years.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sherrilyn Kenyon - Born of Defiance

This book is very unique.  Despite the fact that it is really a prequel, it comes in as the sixth or seventh in the series and that made it difficult for me to really enjoy this book to the fullest.

Talyn Batur is the only son of a high ranking Andarion military officer.  Though Galene was madly in love with Talyn's father, destiny and tragedy pulled the two apart and, as a result, Talyn grew up as an Outcast.  As the bastard son of a disinherited male, though his blood is nearly royal, he was treated by the Andarions as though he were beneath the status of a slave.  These years of brutal treatment have left numerous scars on Talyn's psyche and it affects every aspect of his life.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

New Covers for Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling Series

I simply love it when old favorites get a new look!  This time around, it is the Psy Changeling series - one of my very favorites - getting a new look.  The new cover for Slave to Sensation is a great upgrade for this series.  The fact is, we judge books by their cover a lot of times.  The only reason I read Slave to Sensation despite the cover was because I read an excerpt of Heart of Obsidian, loved it, and wanted to know what was going on.  So that meant starting from the beginning.  Though I think Slave to Sensation is a good book, the fact is that this series gets better with each new one.  The last few have simply torn my heart out - in a good way!

I so disliked the original Psy Changeling covers that I replaced the covers on my kindle - I just couldn't look at them.  The French and UK versions were better, so I used them as the cover image So to have new covers for this beloved series is just fantastic!

In celebration of the upcoming release of Shards of Hope (June 2), the Psy Changeling series is getting a new look!  Here is the new cover for Singh's Slave to Sensation.

Monday, May 11, 2015


I had planned this spring to do a Hero Showdown.  We have had one before and everyone really came out to vote for their favorites and it was a lot of fun!  We followed it up with a Heroine Showdown and a Couple Showdown, so we were ready this spring for another Hero Showdown. (All three Showdowns can still be voted for - just for fun!  Even though the competition has been called, feel free to get your opinion heard! :))  But just as I was preparing the contestants, the graphics, and all the voting widgets to go with the Showdown, Kensington Publishers ran their own Ultimate Hero Showdown and Heroes and Heartbreakers did a couple showdown called the Swoonies.  So I felt that running another Hero Showdown in the midst of all that would be repetitive - and not as much fun.  So my first thought was to wait and run the Showdown in the summer.  

As I waited to run the competition, something occurred to me.  Yes, we love our heroes, our heroines, and our couples, but what ELSE could we have a competition for?  And so was born.....

Friday, May 8, 2015

Where have all the Paranormal authors gone?

One thing that I think that some authors tend to forget is that part of the appeal to fans is an author's dependability.  Knowing that the author makes the series that you love a priority is definitely a part of the appeal.   When author's forget that, the fans start to fall by the wayside.  It is a shame, but it seems to be happening to too many of my favorites and it is disappointing.  Because the reality is that if there is no trust and dependability between reader and author, then what relationship really exists?  And if a relationship doesn't exist... then why would I buy the books?

Take for instance, Sherrilyn Kenyon.  Ms. Kenyon has at least three series balls juggling in the air.  If I were to put her three series in my order of favorites, it would be her League/Nemesis, Dark Hunter, then her Chronicles of Nick series.  Really, her Chronicles of Nick series is one that I share with my son and so that isn't just a "for me" series, but I still love it for that!  And never ONCE has she intentional made the fans wait for any of the "next books" in the series for more than a year.  Yes, the League series experienced some delays between the first three and the fourth (delays of MANY years!) but that was because she didn't have a contract beyond the first three and she stopped writing them for release.  Then, when she switched publishers for the series between five and six, yes, there was again a lengthy delay that was about two years.  But this was NOT intentional on her part, not under her control, and in the meantime, she produced Time Untime, Dark Bites, Styxx, and about a month after Born of Fury, Son of No One. She also produced three of the Chronicles of Nick books and, from what I hear, was developing a fourth series, writing screen plays, and, I think, had another series that she was co-writing.  So not having a publisher for the League/Nemesis series simply meant that she still produced for her fans - she just couldn't immediately produce the book in the League series.  Never did I doubt that Kenyon still had a plan and intention for the League series, nor did I doubt that she was still as dedicated to it as she had always been.  That is what trust between author and reader is all about.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Blog Tour - Tessa Ever After by Brighton Walsh

In this grippingly emotional New Adult novel from the author of Caged in Winter, what you want isn’t always what you need…

Jason’s been living (and loving) the rich playboy lifestyle for five years, but now his parents are pressuring him to get involved in the family business. The last thing he wants is another obligation, but when his best friend moves out of state and asks Jason to look after his sister, he can’t just say no.
Tessa had to grow up way too soon. After dealing with the aftermath of her parents’ deaths, then becoming a teenage mom, she knows the meaning of responsibility. Which is why, at twenty-two, she’s looking for so much more than a party boy. She’s looking for someone who can stand by her and her daughter…forever.

A relationship between them is doomed from the start, but who says they can’t have a little fun? But as Jason gets closer to Tessa—and her daughter—fun starts to turn into something else… Something Jason’s not sure he’s ready for.


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New Contest!

Beginning next week, we will start a new contest to last over the summer months.  We have done a Hero Showdown, a Heroine Showdown, and a Couple Showdown, but this time around we thought we would try something new.   With the fact that many other sites are doing Couples or Hero Showdowns, we wanted something DIFFERENT.  So be sure to check in on Monday as we announce our latest showdown!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

More IAD Covers!

Some more new and improved Immortals After Dark covers! I can't wait to see some of my favorites and the new covers they come up with!  Here are the new covers for Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night and Dark Needs at Night's Edge.  Remember, these are on sale for a special price of $1.99 from now until May 31!  So if your eBook reader is missing some of the books in this series, now is the time to stock up!  Click Read More to see the new cover art!

Personally, I LOOOVE these new covers!!  Which cover are you most looking forward to seeing redone?  For me, it is such a toss up... Dreams of a Dark Warrior, Demon from the Dark, and Dark Desires After Dusk!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Blog Tour - A Wedding to Die For by Adrianne Lee


A hundred years ago, a tiny town on the Puget Sound attracted a passel of bachelors desperate to marry. Thanks to the miracle of mail order, they did, and Weddingville was born. Hollywood costumer Daryl Anne Blessing knows that story all too well, and she hasn't missed it, or much else about her hometown - except for hunky photographer Seth Quinlan. Now Daryl Anne returns to Weddingville to see her best friend say I do . . . and witnesses a whole lot of something hitting the fan-and it's not rice. As the maid of honor, Daryl Anne must keep the bride calm, no matter what. But last time she checked, "what" didn't include the bride's estranged mother turning up, scandalizing the locals - and getting herself murdered. Nor did it include digging for clues with Seth, while trying to remember exactly why she left him behind. It's quite a juggling act, even for a seasoned multi-tasker like Daryl Anne. She soon attracts lusty glances from Seth-and the attention of a killer who's determined to take this town out of business . . . 

Enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Thea Harrison - Midnight's Kiss

Most of the Elder Races books give you an idea of who is next in the series and what the story may be - but these are peeks into what may happen.  At the end of Night's Honor, we got more than a peek and I have been anxiously awaiting Midnight's Kiss ever since!

Julian is the Nightkind King and the leader of the demesne.  He is thousands of years old and was once a Roman slave and gladiator.  Though a modern man now, he never lost those rough edges of his human lifetime. Despite that, twenty years ago, he was able to capture the heart of the Light Fae heir, Melisande.  For three months the two of them had a passionate affair.  But things ended badly when Julian was told that Melly had cheated on him and the two now have nothing but animosity between them.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Blog Tour - A Match Made on Main Street by Olivia Miles

Anna Madison has faithfully avoided her old flame for six years, even though their Main Street restaurants are only a few blocks apart. The sting of his rejection was enough to make her swear off dating for good, but when her successful restaurant is damaged in a fire, she's left to the mercy of the one man she's spent years proving she doesn't need...and convincing herself she doesn't want. Mark Hastings can't say he's happy being alone, but at least his heart is safe. Burnt out from running the Briar Creek diner, he's ready for a change. He tells himself he's just being neighborly by letting Anna use his kitchen, but being by her side again stirs up temptations he might not be able to resist a second time around. 


Monday, April 27, 2015

Blog Tour - Wild Heat by Lucy Monroe

Sometimes old flames are the hottest of all . . .
In the quaint little town of Cailkirn, Alaska, it's impossible to keep a secret, especially one as juicy as the unexpected return of Kitty Grant. Tack MacKinnon remembers her wild red curls and even wilder spirit-and still feels the sting from when she shattered his heart in college. But there's a pain in Kitty's gorgeous eyes that guts him to the core and Tack is determined to do whatever it takes to see the woman he still loves smile again-even if it means taking on her demons as his own. After fleeing an abusive ex-husband, Kitty decides that the best way to heal her broken heart is to come back home. But she gets a whole new shock when she sees how undeniably sexy Tack has become. More handsome, more muscular, more charming-more everything-he's impossible to resist. Before she knows it, they're reigniting sparks that could set the whole state of Alaska on fire. Yet trust doesn't come easy to Kitty anymore, and as things heat up between her and Tack, she can't help but wonder if one of them is going to get burned . . . 


Friday, April 24, 2015

Elisabeth Naughton - Tempted (Audio)

Audio Corner - The last Friday of each month, a new audio book will be reviewed.

This month: This month on the Audio Corner, Tempted by Elisabeth Naughton and narrated by
Elizabeth Wiley.

What is it about "BOOK THREE"?  In many paranormal series, the third book is biggie.  It makes or breaks the series for me.  That is the point where I decide if I will keep going with the series or if I have given the author the chance to work through the growing pains of a new series and it is just not working out for me.  Because it is that all important deciding factor, for me, many of them end up my favorites.  Think about it...
Caressed by Ice, Lover Awakened, Hunted, Dance with the Devil, Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night, Midnight Awakening, all of these are the third novel in their respective series and each one has been the deal breaker.  And in all but one case (Midnight Awakening), I kept with the series and was greatly rewarded for it.  It seems that the third book is usually the most tortured and anti-social hero of the bunch, and if the author pulls that one off well, then it works for me!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sherrilyn Kenyon - Fire and Ice

It has taken me a long time to review this book - longer than it took me to read it - and there is a reason.  I love this novella... and I don't.

Adron is the eldest son of Kiara and Nykyrian Quiakides and he is a trained assassin - like his father and his brother.  As a League assassin, he lives by a strict code of rules.  One of those rules is that if an assassin is compromised and poses a threat to all, he is to be killed rather than saved.  When his brother Jayce comes upon Adron in just such a condition, he expects his brother to execute him, not save him.  And Adron can't forgive his brother for saving his life and condemning him to a life of pain and suffering from his injuries.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lindsey Piper - Hunted Warrior

After a too long wait, the Dragon Kings are back!  This series completely swept me away with the first two entries Silent Warrior and Caged Warrior and I have been dying go back to this fascinating world!

Malnefoley is the "king" of a dying race of super humans.  Not a great position to be in considering most of his people call him the "Usurper" and don't consider him the rightful leader.  Though his leadership is not accepted, he has to make the tough decisions that may save the race, but will be forcing the clans of Dragon Kings to go against their traditional beliefs.  That is a hard task to ask of a group of super humans that have greater speed, strength, and healing powers.   On top of that, he is responsible for "The Pet".  She is a foreseer who came into his custody after a raid against a human cartel that abused and enslaved Dragon Kings and her loyalty is highly questionable....

Monday, April 20, 2015

Nalini Singh - Archangel's Legion

Ok... so back to Elena and Raphael...and I wasn't too excited to read it because I just didn't appreciate this couple.  But given that they are the heart of the Guild Hunter series, they are kind of hard to avoid...

As the Cascade continues to grow in strength and power, the Archangel's of the world are changing.  With this change, the balance of power changes and no one really knows what powers have grown or what changes are in store for the world.  Raphael in particular has changes that are beyond expectation.  As a mark grows on his face and he is starting to hear voices in his head, Raphael fears that he is on the path to madness.  Is he evolving new powers or is he gaining strength that could lead to good?

Friday, April 17, 2015

Upoming May Releases

Upcoming May Releases
(For links to past monthly releases, see the Archives)

Title: Born of Defiance
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Series: The League
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Release Date: May 12

Born an Outcast, Talyn Batur has spent the whole of his life fighting against the prejudice of his people. An Andarion without a father is not something anyone wants to be.

But when his companion’s brother draws him into a plot against the Andarion crown, he finds himself torn between the loyalty to their planetary government that his mother has beaten into him and his own beliefs of justice and right.

Now, he must decide for himself to remain a pawn of their government or to defy everything and everyone he’s ever known to stand up to tyranny. It’s a gamble that will either save his life or end it. And when old enemies align with new ones, it’s more than just his own life at risk. And more than just his homeworld that will end should he fail.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Nalini Singh - Archangel's Storm

So after a rocky start and eventual restart, I jumped back onto the Guild Hunter band wagon.  And after Archangel's Blade, I was glad that I did.  But I wasn't too sure about the next one because Jason was not intriguing me  So many other characters were more interesting....

 Jason is Raphael's spymaster.  At one with the shadows, Jason has a past as mysterious as the man himself.  He avoids contact with people because he just doesn't feel any emotion in the experience.  Since a horrible tragedy in his youth, Jason has shunned any emotional involvement beyond his sense of loyalty and brotherhood to the Seven and Raphael.  That is what makes him such a perfect spy - he feels nothing for the players involved and can be completely impartial.  But when an Archangel's consort is murdered, Raphael offers his spymaster in a blood bond in order to solve the mystery.  The blood bond, though typically an intimate bond, will ensure Jason's loyalty during the investigation.  So he is tied to Mahiya, the princess of the land where the murder occurred.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

In His Corner Blog Tour

Banner Jpeg

Title:  In His Corner
Author:   Vina Arno
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publish Date:   April 14, 2015
Publisher: Lyrical Press/Kensington Publishing
Buy the Book
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~ Book Synopsis ~
No sex for almost a year could kill a guy, but when you’re the boxer known as the Juggernaut, it’s the price you pay for turning pro. Tommy’s fully dedicated to his craft, until he meets the incredibly gorgeous Dr. Siena Carr. Now he’s looking forward to taking on this prim and proper lady in a wet and wild workout…

Siena has seen many patients come through the ER, but none as sexy as Tommy Raines. With a nasty cut over his eye, she knows he needs stitches, but after he takes off his shirt, she needs some air. With rock-hard abs and taut biceps, it’s clear this man takes care of his body. And all Siena can think about is letting him take care of hers…